Wild Flour

Wild Flour: Banff's Artisan Bakery Cafe
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Arctos & Bird's buildings and developments are designed and managed to be healthy places for people to be. A natural outcome of that focus is an interest in hospitality, expressed through The Juniper Hotel & Bistro, and the Wild Flour: Banff's Artisan Bakery Café.

The Wild Flour is located in Bison Courtyard. It is a popular, lively gathering place for Bow Valley residents as well as visitors to Banff National Park. On average, the staff serve 450 customers a day.

The success of the Wild Flour starts with its products: traditional artisan breads, pastries, and lunches, made with locally-sourced, all-natural ingredients. These are served, to stay or to go, in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The Wild Flour hosts a number of community events. "Conversation Cafe's" are one long-standing example, as well as monthly local art shows. In past summers, the Wild Flour has played a key role in Bison Courtyard's weekly, open-air Regional Cuisine and Culture Market.

The bakery's operation is very much in keeping with Arctos & Bird's values of environmental intelligence. Staff compost or recycle all waste. Take-out packaging and coffee cups are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable. The bakery uses a line of commercial cleaning products specially formulated for human and environmental health.