Projects & Developments

The New York Times quotes Mike Wigley, Dean of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, as saying: “If we have a change in how we approach sustainability in North America, it won’t be driven by architects or politicians, but by developers.”

Arctos & Bird is a developer, with a vision to be part of that change. In this section, you'll discover how we are working to incorporate sustainability into our real estate holdings.

You can also discover our other passion: inspiring hospitality. The Juniper Hotel & Bistro and Wild Flour, Banff's Artisan Bakery Café are both ventures that give us further opportunity to express our interest in connecting people with nature, culture and the built environment.

We believe that by setting goals and sharing our experiences, we can make a difference – in Banff, where we are located, and in the other Alberta communities where we live and work.