Cave Avenue Homes

Cave Avenue Homes
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Arctos & Bird developed Cave Avenue Homes to step lightly on the earth. These better-built homes are now all sold.

The multi-family residence was designed to be highly energy efficient. We started with a superior building envelope: R30 (9”) walls instead of more typical R20 (7”) walls. Windows are either triple glazed or four-element Visionwalls. As a result, an attractive high efficiency gas fireplace is all that is required to heat each home.

The Homes place a strong emphasis on natural light, complimented by power-saving light fixtures. We selected appliances with energy use in mind, and installed on-demand hot water heating systems instead of hot water tanks.

Due to our location near the headwaters of the Bow River, Arctos & Bird takes water conservation seriously. With Cave Avenue Homes, we ensured:

  • Rainwater is collected in a cistern and used for toilets and irrigation.
  • Toilets are dual/ultra low flush (3/6 litres per flush)
  • Low flow fixtures and showerheads.
  • Water-saving washers and dishwashers.
  • There is a composting toilet in the common amenity space
  • Vegetated roofs reduce storm water run-off.
  • Native landscaping. Once the plants are established, they require minimal irrigation.

Cave Avenue Homes also delivers exceptional indoor air quality. Heat recovery ventilators in each home use the heat from the stale air leaving the home to warm the fresh air entering the home. Most Homes have opening windows on at least two exterior walls to provide natural cross-ventilation. Choices like low VOC paint, formaldehyde free countertops and areas of slate flooring help minimize off-gassing.

Finally, Cave Avenue Homes respects its spectacular mountain setting. The homes rise in tiers up the slope of Sulphur Mountain, and make the most of the site's natural features. The vegetated roofs help the building to blend into its surroundings, and underground parking eliminates the need for large expanses of asphalt.


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IBI Group

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