Guiding Principles

According to Buddha, “With our thoughts we make the world.”

While we might argue that action has a role to play, it is true guiding principles have a profound effect on what we produce.

Arctos & Bird's goal is to become known for inspiring properties, and inspiring hospitality.

The company has adopted its guiding principles from William McDonough + Partners Hanover Principles. Here are the highlights:

Humanity and Nature

We believe humanity and nature can coexist in a healthy way. Our agenda goes beyond mere sustainability; it includes restoration and regeneration. We like to celebrate the intersection between human and natural environments, and blur the distinction between outside and inside.

Long Term Consequences

Design decisions impact human well-being and the viability of natural systems. We do not want to burden future generations by carelessly creating wasteful spaces that do not fit their location.

The Limits of Design

No human creation lasts forever, and design does not solve all problems. We try to practice humility in the face of nature; view it as a model and a mentor rather than a force to be controlled.

Continuous Learning

We believe sharing knowledge can lead to ongoing improvement. We welcome your comments about how to best establish a healthy relationship between natural processes and human activity.