Banff Our Way

Banff National Park attracts visitors from all over the world. As people who live and work in the Town of Banff, we are often asked for our suggestions for things to see and do.

Here you’ll find our eclectic list. It is not meant as a substitute for the many excellent travel sites available on the Web. Instead it is an opportunity to discover what we like to do in our area in our leisure time.

You’ll notice many recommendations for exploring by bicycle. One of Arctos & Bird’s tenants, Adventures Unlimited, will happily rent you a bike during your stay.

Peter J. Poole recommends:

  • Take in the free noon-hour concerts and presentations at the Banff Centre.
  • Taste fresh bread from the wood-fired Sleeping Buffalo oven. You’ll find the outdoor oven just outside the Wild Flour Bakery.
  • Enjoy the gift of each season. Dash down toboggan hills in January. Stand in silence recording bird songs in May. Find sweet-tooth mushrooms outside the Park in August. Skate on Backswamp in November, then head out to Lake Minnewanka in December.

Katie Fedoration's picks:

  • For a quick hike, I recommend going up Tunnel Mountain. It’s one of my favourite ways to exercise. Plus once you get to the top, you’ll find a great view of the Town.
  • Rocky Mountain Yoga offers noon-hour classes. A great way to re-charge mid-day.